Saturday, August 3, 2013

Outsource Your Project and Earn more

Are you tired of doing your job everyday? If you use major sites like freelancer, elance, guru, odesk and similar sites have you realized that you have no time to your family and even to yourself? Have you tried looking at the mirror and you just realized that you are becoming aging and not enjoying your life? Have you asked yourself how many hours you spent in your computer over the time you spent to your family or even yourself? Well, I guess you need a hand, so you can enjoy your life and not just shut the bedroom.

Many freelancers are using microsites or gig site like Fivah and I heard many of successful story using it. Some guy in India, have a big project on elance, he has a daily quota of 5000 entries per day on the database. To meet the daily quote this guy hire a virtual assistant on Fivah, He just go to categories where in lots of VA there offering $5 per 4 hour, 3 hour etc. He can select the best VA for his typing project because he check the VA's feedback and ratings. To ensure that he would met the daily quota he hired 5 VA to enter the data on database. The freelancer in india got more data entry project so he hired more VA on Fivah.

Not only a guy on India has this successful story using fivah because there are more there. They are earning more than this guy.

So you have project and need a hand you can sign up to fivah for free. Just set up your account and choose the best fit for your task.

Happy Fivah Day!


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